Enterprise Resource Planning

Modernize your legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to adopt next generation ERP and drive competitive advantage.

Myneni's IT Solutions Offerings

The first generation of ERP solutions were effective for their time but increasing competition, rapidly shifting market trends and more demanding customers are driving the need for the next generation of ERP innovation. To stay competitive, companies of all industries must have clear visibility into supply chains, drive down costs, design relevant products and get their products to the market faster. They must aim to capture and analyze enterprise data in real-time to gain business intelligence that informs smart business decisions. And they will need to give their customers, employees and partners fast, convenient access to real-time information anytime, anywhere, using any device.

Myneni's IT Solutions offers extensive ERP transformation and modernization experience. We will align your people, processes and technology with your strategic business goals using proven transformation methodologies, industry-specific best practices and ERP modernization innovations. We continually enhance our ERP solutions and services through our partnerships with leading product vendors, including Oracle and SAP. Our collaboration with leading research universities and research within our dedicated Centers of Excellence and innovation labs helps us to be at the forefront of innovation. We provide advisory, design, implementation and maintenance systems through the following solutions:

Oracle Solutions
SAP Solutions